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Fjord Norway Flekkefjord

Second Time In The Fjords

The second time I was in the Fjords was even better than the first. But for a different reason I might add. Having been in the fjords a month prior, I was expecting something similar. However, this time it was different.

In fact, everything was different about this time in the Fjords. For starters, the drive up from the airport was astounding. The weather was overcast, and the scenery and nature was completely different to my first time in the fjords.

Our trip from the airport led us to a small town called Holmesundet. From here we took a small boat out to the rig we were going to be staying on.

The weather was phenomenal

Bideford Dolphin Flekkefjord Norway

We got on board the rig and got ourselves setup. The weather remained overcast till the next day. Our mode of transport from one rig to the other, was a small craft that took us across. The journey was about 5mins.

The whole time I was thinking it is going to properly close in and the typical Norwegian coldness will unfold. Over the next few days, quite the opposite occurred. I was most certainly not expecting the weather we experienced.

One day we woke up for work and made our way down the stairs to get the boat across. The sun was rising above the mountains and what a sight it was. Clear blue skies appeared and the sun glared across the still water. As we left the protection of the shade, we felt the heat on our faces. What a day it was going to be.

We had temperatures reaching almost in the 30’s (C). Sure, the Fjords can experience some wind (which did happen), but this wasn’t as much of an inconvenience as I would of thought.

Seeing the locals in action

The weekend was soon upon us and the weather was only getting better. From the odd boat pottering along the Fjord, to countless boats of all shapes and sizes accumulating across the vast body of water, the weekend was alive with happy locals.

Having to work while all this was going on was trying to say the least, but it was the reason why we were here. But seeing all this happen, did put things into perspective. Our geographic location was remote at best. We often deliberated over the topic of why would one live ever contemplate living here. Now we could see why.

Why live here in the Fjords?

Flekkefjord Jetty

With a town of only a couple thousand residents, how could one ever come to the decision that this place would become home? They are miles from anything closely resembling a thriving metropolis, yet they have made it their home.

Granted, many of the isolated houses you see populating the coastline of the Fjord are weekend holiday homes, but for the residents of the town? What is their driving force for staying in such a remote location?

In this particular part of Norway, the main sources of income for the town is the steel manufacturing plant a couple miles away and the salmon farms. Of course there are smaller business like boating services and diving tours.

Diving in the Fjords is actually quite a popular tourist attraction. One of the reasons being, due to the coldness of the water, the visibility is spectacular. Thus allowing the diver to see further in all directions and with a much clearer perspective.

Why my second time in the Fjords was so good?

When we hear about Norway and where it is located, we always associate it with the cold and the snow. While this is true most of the time, Norway also gets an incredible summer. Admittedly a short one, but believe me the one we got to experience was second to none.

With this great weather, came all the fun the water had to offer. Jet skis were roaring past the rig, in a show of power and performance. Boats cruised alongside, showcasing all their onboard luxuries, in an attempt to persuade us that their vessel was better than ours.

The people waved as they passed us by (beer or cold beverage in hand), and kids cheered as they past the rig. One would think, that the sight of an oil rig would be an “eye-sore” to the locals in such a beauty of a place, but the locals are not just used to them, they also offer work to the local community during their time their.

Many of the houses on the Fjord are very patriotic, with most of them proudly flying Norwegian flags from their roof tops. Perfectly manicured lawns sweep down from the wooden houses to the waters edge. It really is a sight to see for one self.

The engineering

Flekkefjord Norway

Working within the engineering and construction sector of the oil and gas industry, it is hard not to notice the ingenuity of the local residents. The power lines that have been erected across the vast landscape of mountains and across the deep Fjords is spectacular. From an engineering perspective anyway.

I would sometimes found myself at the top of the tower, just looking out into the forests and wonder how long it took to get power to these places? And with what resources?

How they build some of these wooden houses, astounds me. Especially those that flirt with the cliffs edges. And don’t get me started on the incredible mountain tunnel systems they have. If you are looking to carve your way through an almost impenetrable mountain, just ask the Norwegians. They’ll get it done for you in no time.

If you have ever wondered about visiting the Norwegian Fjords, I would highly recommend it. Norway is expensive, but this can easily overcome with a bit of forward planning. Don’t let that stand in your way from visiting an incredibly beautiful country.


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