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First Time In The Fjords

First Time In The Fjords

My first time in the Fjords was based in a shipyard called Skipavika. We got to Skipavika from Bergen airport via road and ferry. The drive was absolutely stunning. The sun was out and the skies were clear, but there was snow everywhere.

There was such a contrast in temperatures. One minute you were roasting hot, the next you were overcome by coldness. The sun reflecting off the snow, was incredibly picturesque. I tried my best to take good quality photographs, but as an amateur photographer, the ones were the best I could take at the time.

But this is why I love taking photos. I get to momentarily capture my experiences and share them with others when I get back home.

4 seasons in one day

One thing that astounded me was how quickly the weather could change out here. I remember one morning being on shift and the skies were clear, but frosty as could be. The air was crisp and fresh, but deep breathes hurt somewhat.

I went in for my lunch (1 hr) and when I came back outside, it felt like I was in a different place altogether. The skies had closed in and a blizzard was upon us. A foot of snow covered the deck and everyone was grabbing onto things as they shuffled along the platform to their assigned work areas.

“How could one place turn so quickly”, I thought to myself. But given it’s particular geographic location, according to the locals, was a common occurance. Note to self! Don’t take the sun for granted out here.

The view

The layout of the Fjords in this particular part of Norway were lower than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, further down from where we were, you could see the towering sides of the Fjords as the water cut through them. But where we were situated, they were considerably lower than their connected counterparts.

Being on an elevated object, I was able to see over the mountains and witness some incredible sunsets. Sunrises I missed as they were before my “getting up time”. The great thing about my time during the shipyard project, was that it was right before the vessel was undergoing sea trials. So I got to see the Fjords from different angles.

During the trials, the rig was moved away from the quay and into the middle of the Fjords. From this position I was able to see further down each direction. The views and angles I got to see, people would pay good money for,

What made my first time in the Fjords so good?

The one thing that stood out for me was the peacefulness. It is so quiet out there. I did have to drown out the ambient droning from the rig, but once that was gone it was beautiful. Near the end of my hitch, I was moved off the rig and into a hotel on land, opposite the quay that was previously my home.

Evening times were great for me. I would hit the gym, then head out for a stroll along the coastal road. Nothing but myself, my thoughts and not a sound to be heard. It really was like I was alone in the wilderness. A feeling I would recommend to anyone, thinking of experiencing what the rural part of Norway has to offer.

Visiting this part of the Fjords

If you are thinking of visiting Skipavika, then I would recommend it as a “passing through” type of sightseeing. There isn’t much to do there, except for seeing some beautiful landscapes. There are some smaller towns on the outskirts, that offer diving excursions. Given the incredible depth of the Fjords in this region, the diving is supposed to be breath taking.

The closest major city is Bergen. There is a lot of history in Bergen, and unfortunately I did not get to spend as much time as I would of like to there. But I have heard some great stories about it and if the opportunity arises, I would like to go back and have a better look.

Hopefully this article gave you some insight on Skipavika and what it has to offer, based on my own personal experience of course. If you like it, please share it with your friends, so they too can enjoy this article

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