Thursday , February 27 2020

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300km Into The Sahara With A Prune

300 Km Into The Sahara With A Prune

Travelling 300km into the Sahara with a prune was the last thing I thought I would be doing on this job. But as it always goes in my line of work, it’s never a dull moment. The job down in the desert was pretty straight forward. Nothing I had not …

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A Broken Door And Shower Trickle

A Broken Door And A Shower Trickle

A broken door and shower trickle was just what I needed when back in the desert. After all, who needs a functional room when away for work, right? “Okay. We Fix!”, said the camp boss. Which turned out to be a lie. But that’s besides the point. After a long …

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What I Hate About Airports

Isn't people watching at airports fun

Here is a small rant about what I hate about airports. It always fascinates me to see how people are at airports. Not to mention, the amount of man hours that is wasted during airport transitions. I love sitting down and just watching people go about their travel routines. The …

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