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Xercise4Less Review

So why even bother with an Xercise4Less Review? A gym is a gym afterall isn’t it? Well that depends on what you want from a gym really? Me personally, I don’t have massive expectations of what a gym should be like, but there are some things that I do enjoy. This review is aimed at providing you with a clear understanding of my experiences with Xercise4Less at West Side Plaza, including the staff. And I still don’t know why one of the water fountains is “out of order”?

I was introduced to Xercise4Less gym in West Side Plaza (Edinburgh) by a family friend. This was a just a passing idea between us, but nevertheless, I was given a 3 day trial pass.

In all fairness I couldn’t wait to get out of the gym I was currently training in. Not that there was anything wrong with it, there just wasn’t anything right with it.

Using my 3 day pass

So I held onto my 3 day pass for Xercise4Less for a few weeks and eventually decided I had enough of my last gym. You know when you walk into a place, take one look around and decide there and then that you don’t want to be in there? Well this day wasn’t one of those. I’d just had enough.

On my way home I thought about my 3 day pass and the required effort it would take to get to use it. Xercise4Less in Wester Hailes is hugely out of my way, but I thought I would give it a go nevertheless. Either way, if I didn’t enjoy it, I could just drive home on the wrong side of the bypass and forget what happened.

I got to the gym and was met by a guy called Andy. It might be made up, but it does suit him (if his winter hat is anything to go by). I presented my pass and he most obligingly let me through the turnstiles. 

The equipment in the gym

Well what can I say about the gym equipment? A lot actually! Take it from someone that travels for a living and trains in all sorts of gyms. Or at least that’s what is says on the door.

I was very surprised at the range of equipment available in the gym. Not to mention the quantities. Yes there are those that say there could be better equipment, but in my opinion, I don’t really see how. Ask a Crossfit person and he or she might say there could be more. A body builder might say they could do with more. But if that is the case, then they should go to a “training specific” gym.

Yes the gym is not exclusive to bodybuilding only. It certainly isn’t exclusive to Crossfit. But if one is looking for that, then they should go to such a place. I have trained in many of these “franchise type gyms” and many of them don’t offer half of what this one does.

My training style is bodybuilding, and it is more than adequate for what I need. I am not small in size, but I am also not My Olympia material either (I figured I would give the pros a chance and stay off the “Mr O” radar).

They have an impressive dumbbell range (which if I remember correctly goes up to 70kg) and ample barbell equipment, including space. There is an array of weight loss equipment, from stair masters, to treadmills.

Populating the centre of the gym is an octagon ring for MMA fighters to deal with each other. A boxing ring, is located along one of the walls nearest to the entrance and boxing bags hang nearby waiting for a tirade of abuse from an irate member.

I don’t really care what others think of the equipment to be honest! I think their equipment is awesome.

The atmosphere in the gym

Personally I think the atmosphere is great. Yes there are the “gym rats” that “own” everything. They are obviously on some different contract according to them. But overall the atmosphere is brilliant.

For the most part, everybody in the gym is there for a reason. And this is apparent in the way in which they approach their workout. Everyone is friendly and I’ve not had one person not help me with a “spot” when I’ve asked for one.

The staff are also brilliant with assisting when you need help. One of the things I do find great, is that nobody offers any form of unsolicited advice. With that said, I have not had anyone approach me with this, but I cannot speak for others.

The management don’t F**K about

Xercise4Less Wester Hailes Review

This has to be the best thing! Out of all the gyms I’ve trained in, I have never seen this before. I don’t know why they have been banned and quite frankly I couldn’t give a s**t. This is exactly how it should be!

Everyone has the right to train in privacy, safety and comfort. If someone interferes with that, the management should intervene and this has clearly happened.

I will be honest and say that I thought it was just a technique to thwart anyone from attempting to misbehave, but one day I came in to train and I saw it had changed.

I asked a member of staff it is was true and they said that it was. That’ll do for me! Nuff Said!

Membership prices

In my opinion the membership prices are massively competitive. There are different membership tiers available, with each tier being just as deserving as each other. For what they have available, their prices are very good.

My training times are mostly off peak, but I have trained during peak times and for what I need in the gym, peak times would probably get on my nerves.

I have noticed throughout the months that I have been training here, they do offer a range of promotional offers. There is also memberships for their “apps” and I believe these are discounted against the gym membership of members. I don’t use this service, but it does seem worth it. Especially the price of it.

Facilities at the gym

Xercise4Less at West Side Plaza has a host of different facilities. There is a studio located near the entrance, where a variety of different classes are held. One will also find a cycle spinning studio in the gym, with a particularly large projector screen in front.

I might use the spinning studio if they were showcasing a Hollywood blockbuster. But other than that, I don’t need to use it. However, it is popular with those that induce large amounts of physical abuse on their lungs.

There is also a female only section for training. I wanted to tried it out, but I wasn’t allowed in. They are quite strict on that. Who would of thought?

The staff at Xercise4Less

This is one of the great pleasures of training at this gym. The staff are brilliant. Always friendly and extremely willing to help with anything you need. They seem to have a great relationship with one another. Or maybe they are paid to look that way? Who cares! It works!

One must give credit to the cleaners. They really do their job well and always ready to clean up when required. You always see them busy with something and not standing around. In my opinion this is very professional and something many people don’t appreciate.

It can be difficult to take them seriously though, when they are fully “kitted out”, as they do look a lot like “Ghostbusters” with their contraptions securely fastened to their backs.

My conclusion on Xercise4Less Review

Some people ask me why I write reviews and my answer is always the same. It’s my bloody blog and I’ll write what I want! But to sum up my review on Xercise4Less West Side Plaza, it is worth not just the money, but the experience.

I can honestly say, it is by far one of the better gyms I have trained in. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have huge expectations of gyms, but I am very impressed with what this gym has to offer.

I would like to thank the following staff members;

Michael (Sales Manager), Ian (General Manager “AKA Big Chief”), Andy (You’ll know when you see him), Rachel (Sales), Demi and Liv, (Front Desk) Aliya (PT), Anita (PT), the other PT (forgot his name). They have all been and remain very helpful.

For those of you who’s names I’ve omitted, it is unintentional (I have a memory like a sieve) and I humbly apologize.

I won’t hesitate to recommend this gym to anyone looking for a change.

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