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Isn't people watching at airports fun

What I Hate About Airports

Here is a small rant about what I hate about airports. It always fascinates me to see how people are at airports. Not to mention, the amount of man hours that is wasted during airport transitions. I love sitting down and just watching people go about their travel routines.

The Chinese tourists are the best to watch. They carry everything with them, except for Beijing itself. How on earth could a family possibly require so much luggage? Not to mention they have to all work abreast, leaving almost no room for ants to move.

Then you get the families that just want to get to where they are going. Dad is always leading the charge, with mom dragging the kids along. With one kid always trying to watch something on the eye pad and bouncing off everything in their way. While the other is more interested in getting something out of the carry on.

What I hate about airports?

I love travelling. Meeting new people and experiencing new things is something I have always had a passion for. But airports? Well we need them I suppose. Probably difficult to park a plane anywhere else I’d imagine.

Airports all have the same s**t on sale. Everywhere you go, you find the same crap. Not to mention that captive market where you pay through the roof for a bottle of water. The only thing that differs are the “authentic” products or memorobelia that you can buy at airports in differnet countries. Even then, you will pay astronomical prices.

Check-in desks

Why do people always have to cause problems at check-in desks? You know you are over weight, so don’t act surprised when the scales tell you that you are. And for f**k sakes have your passport and other required documents ready. When you get to the member of staff, hand them the documents they require. It is about efficiency people!.

Then of course you find those that have to sort out the over weight issues they are experiencing. What do they do? They start unpacking their bags right in front of the desk. Why on earth would I want to see what you wear underneath your clothes? Or that suspiciously looking object wrapped in a sock?

Just take your bag and bugger off somewhere else to open it up?

Going through security

The poor sod that has to stand behind the racking belt and constantly repeat, “Take out your laptops, tablets, mobile phones, coats, belts, watches, liquids and other objects in your pockets and place it in the tray”, must be borderline suicidal. Why don’t people listen?

Yes, I agree that nobody will take them all out whilst still in the queue, but when you get to the trays, take them out. There are always those that get to the tray, then unpack only the laptop. They leave the rest on. Off goes the detector and they have to return to the desk to remove the items. JUST LISTEN TO THE PERSON REPEATING HIMSELF!!

Bags with wheels

Nothing annoys me more than those that use those bags they can drag with handles. They occupy such a large amount of space. Not to mention they are completely oblivious to their immediate surroundings when turning. When you are walking behind them, you walk in a line. But then they decide they want to turn, so they turn, but the bloody bag doesn’t.

Oh no! First you have to separate your torso from your lower limbs, trying to step over the bag that remains dead f**king still as they turn. You end up crashing into the person next to you, effing and blinding as you do so. The culprit is none the wiser and continues to meander their way down to their new found destination.

All you are able to do is swear and think horrible things about what you will do to them, to the back of the persons head. Of course if you have the temerity to confront them about it, they just turn around and say, “Oh I’m sorry!”, or “I didn’t see you”. Its funny how you have just met them, yet you want to do things to them that will end you up in jail.

Stopping dead

If something is going to make me explode, it’s people that walk (abreast I might add) down airports and then stop dead. What do you think happens to the people behind you? Have the foresight to know that you are NOT the only one walking and that there are people behind you.

If you want to stop or need to stop (emergencies excluded of course), slowly taper your way off to the side. Thus allowing the flow of people to continue. By stopping to check if you have still got your water is something you feel you need to do, then move slowly to the side and check.

Don’t just stop dead. It annoys me. Even if I am not in the airport, don’t do it.

I’ll stop there. This post could become really long if I keep going.


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