Thursday , February 27 2020


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My Top 10 High Potassium Foods


If you are thinking what the highest potassium foods are, you are probably thinking a banana right? Well you are on the right track. Bananas do have potassium, around 422mg of it for one medium sized banana. But did you know there other potassium food sources with a higher potassium …

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Protein In Spinach


Will the protein in spinach really give us “Popeye” forearms and make Olive Oyl smile? It’s doubtful, but there are some real benefits to consuming spinach protein as part of our daily diet. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of spinach and how it can help us. …

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Sweet Potato Protein


As a complex carbohydrate, is consuming sweet potato protein worth it? There are 20 amino acids that your body needs daily. These form part of the building blocks of proteins and should not be ignored. Protein is vital to the function of the body and your body requires it from …

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L Arginine Bodybuilding Facts


Let us discuss the L Arginine Bodybuilding Facts and whether you should be taking this as a bodybuilding supplement or not. There is much discussion and even speculation within the industry, as to the viability of using l arginine as part of a bodybuilding regimen. But are there really benefits …

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What Foods Are High In Protein


If you are asking what foods are high in protein, then I bet you are thinking meat only. Am I right? It is very easy to associate the consumption of protein with that of meats. Chicken, beef, fish or pork. But what if I told you there was a host …

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The Best Bodybuilding Routine


If you are an avid bodybuilding or aspiring bodybuilder, then you have probably wondered which is the best bodybuilding routine to follow? With so many options out there, how do you know which one is the best? Or at the very least, the one that is the most effective? But …

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I wasn’t Expecting This Gym

I Wasn't Expecting This Gym

Out of all the places I have worked, I wasn’t expecting this gym. When you speak to guys that have been on a job or place that you are going to and they say, “Yeah, there’s a gym”, you kind of have to wonder how good it is going to …

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