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About The Fox Dude

Hey there! My name is Chris Fox (The Fox Dude). Welcome to my website. Home of amazing adventures, exciting stories and incredible memories. Okay it’s mostly crap, but it’s my crap. And seeing as nobody wants to listen to it, I figured I’d write it down.

Over the years of doing my job, I have travelled to many different countries and locations. Some of which I am still not entirely sure if they even exist on a map. Nevertheless, with the things I have seen and done, I decided to write them down, take some photos and videos and share my experiences. Hopefully you find some of it interesting (or at least my somewhat silly attempt at becoming a columnist).

My passions

Chris Fox Photography


A surprisingly new found passion of mine is photography. If I must admit, I am an exceptionally amateur photographer, but I love taking photos and capturing moments that others don’t (or can’t). The benefit of travelling for work (and getting paid for it…yay), is that I get to see things, and with the advancement in technology, a camera is only a phone away. Visit Chris Fox Photography for some of my latest photographs.

Bodybuilding is another passion of mine. Training in the gym is a daily routine for me and it is a passion I love to share with others. I’ve decided not to compete for Mr “O” as I feel it would be an unfair advantage to the professionals out there. Best if I take a step back and give them a chance. Modest much!!! Wouldn’t you agree?

I also manage my other website Live For Gym. I have written all of the content on that website both under Live For Gym and my own name. You can see my articles (credited to my name) here at Live For Gym Author.

The last passion of mine (and has to be the most important passion) is my family. I am married to an extremely understanding and caring wife. Who has birthed me two incredible children. One is and always be my little princess and the other is my son. He is just amazing….when he sleeps. I don’t get to spend as much time with my family as I would like, due to my work. But they are always there waiting for me to get back.

I always try to see the best in things (if they are good of course) and don’t often let things get me down. From my travels, I have experienced things that put most of what I do and worry about into perspective. Life is too short. Just imagine if you were a fly! How short would your life be then? See! I just found a good thing. Yay ME!!

The best part of travelling, is meeting other random travellers. I have met some incredibly brave individuals on my journeys. Ones who have dared to embark on voyages that would make others turn away in horror. I am fascinated with this mind set and that is why my website is not just a platform for me to share my experiences, but also a platform for other travellers to share their experiences too.

So I invite you all to join my community and share your experiences too. Wouldn’t it be fun to sit around a palm tree and look at the sun until our eyes burned so badly we couldn’t see each other? Well it might be fun…depending on the circumstances.

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